• 2012 AWARD Program was Launched in Yangzhou
    2012 AWARD Program was Launched in Yangzhou
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UNESCO AWARD of Excellence for Handicrafts

The objectives of the programme are: 1) to establish rigorous standards of excellence for handicrafts; 2) to encourage innovativeness while seeking to promote continuation of traditional skills; 3) to offer training and support services to craft producers in the improvement of their product design, production and marketing, and protection of their intellectual property rights; and 4) to provide market opportunities to ensure sustainability of handicraft industries.

The Award of Excellence programme is held once every two years, which allows sufficient time for post-judging activities such as participation in trade fairs and training workshops for crafts producers.

In order to be qualified for the Award of Excellence, handicraft products must satisfy ALL of the following 4 criteria: 1) Excellence: the craft product demonstrates standard-setting quality in craftsmanship, 2) Authenticity: the craft product expresses cultural identity and traditional aesthetic values, 3) Innovativeness: the craft product utilizes creativity in design and production, and 4) Marketability: the craft product shows potential for the domestic and world market.

In addition to the 4 criteria, the products have to comply with 2 underlying pre-conditions: 1) Eco-friendliness: respect for the environment in materials and production techniques; and 2) Social Fairness: no labour law was violated and no individual or group exploited unfairly in the production of the handicraft.

Upon its award to qualified products and/or product lines, the Award of Excellence serves as a highly recognized quality guarantee for these products or product lines for a period of four years.

The China Arts and Crafts Association is the focal point of the Award of Excellence in China, and will be responsible for collecting and coordinating the entries from different craft producers in the country and delivering the entries for the evaluation process.


The deadline in China for the submission of products by the craft producers to the China Arts and Crafts Association is June 30, 2012.


An international evaluation panel consisting of renowned crafts experts will meet in China, in September 2012 to review all submissions and identify the products to be recognized with the Award of Excellence.


The 2012 awarded products will be announced on 15 October 2012 in all participating countries in Asia.

For more information on the application procedures, please contact:

Ms. Chen Jing/ Ms. Sun Yueqi

Tel: (86-10)85698709/8714

Fax: (86-10)66079646

E-mail: zmx_sunyueqi@126.com

Add: Room 902, 103 Jixiangli, Choayangmenwai Street, Beijing, 100020, PR China