• Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition Opened at National Museum of China
    Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition
  • WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting in Kuwait
    WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting
  • Culture-based Product Development and Design Workshop
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WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting in Kuwait

  • 2017-10-1
  • Source:China Arts and Crafts Association

WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting was held on 25-27 September, 2017 in Kuwait, current Presidency of WCC-APR. Board Members from Kuwait, India, Australia, Nepal, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Oman, Malaysia and other countries attended this meeting.

The Secretary General of NCCAL was present at the first day of the meeting and gave a welcome speech. WCC-APR President Dr. Ghada Hijjawi- Qaddumi was the Chair of the meeting. The Board reviewed and discussed matters of APR Rules & Regulations amendment, signing MoU with other organizations, WCC-Award of Excellence 2018, up-grade of membership, communication development strategy and advisor nomination, etc. Nepal (VP of S.A.) proposed to host WCC-APR General Assembly 2018 in Katmandu, Nepal. The Board gave their opinions regarding the starting date and the content of the meeting and promised to fully support Nepal in order to hold APR G.A. 2018 successfully.

During the meeting, Committee for the Revision of the Application/Submission Kit of WCC-AoE, an MoU Committee, an E-Commerce Committee were formed. The Board Members went through major issues and submitted reports to the Board.

Ms. Zhang Hong (Deputy General Manager of CNACGC and Executive VP of China Arts and Crafts Association) attended the meeting as representative of VP exchanging her views and submitting proposals on behalf of East Asia Sub-region. Ms. Zhang Hong met with the G.S. of NCCAL and had a discussion on the preparation of Dehua ceramic exhibition in Kuwait. Two sides reached an agreement and will sign a cooperation contract regarding this project after specifying the details.