• Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition Opened at National Museum of China
    Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition
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    WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting
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Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition Opened at National Museum of China

  • 2018-1-3
  • Source:China Arts and Crafts Association

"Brilliant Works on the Silk Road: Exhibition of Dongyang Woodcarvings by Lu Guangzheng in Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of His Art Life" was opened in National Museum of China on December 28, 2017.

The exhibition was organized by National Museum of China, China Arts and Crafts Association, China Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture to celebrate Master Lu¡¯s 60 years of enormous artistic success at home and abroad.

Lu Guangzheng was granted ¡°Chinese Arts and Crafts Master¡± in 1988, ¡°Asia Pacific Region Master Award¡± in 2008 and became the first tier of national intangible cultural heritage inheritor at the same year. World Craft Council presented him ¡°Outstanding Contribution Award¡± for his dedication and devotion to the world arts and crafts industry.

Master Lu has shown his consideration on China. He created ¡°Splendid China¡±, ¡°Eight Great Sights of Yanjing¡±, ¡°Twenty Great Sights of China¡± and other famous artworks for international events such as APEC and Hangzhou G20 Summit Meeting.

"Splendid China" by Lu Guangzheng

Exhibition of Dongyang woodcarvings contains nearly hundred sets of ¡°Belt and Road¡± themed artworks created by Master Lu Guangzheng. It consists of three chapters: I. ¡°Chinese Dream, National Cause¡±; II. ¡°Explorations on the Silk Road¡±; III. ¡°A Splendid Chapter on the Way to Rejuvenation¡±.

Master Lu Guangzheng said to media that woodcarvings is his way to present Silk Road history, and to promote Silk Road spirit as he is the inheritor on Dongyang woodcarving.


Vice President of WCC-APR Zhou Zhengsheng gave a speech

President of China Arts and Crafts Association and Vice President of WCC-APR Zhou Zhengsheng said in his speech at the opening ceremony that ¡°Master Lu Guangzheng is a respected artist, an outstanding representative in Chinese arts and crafts and a leading person in woodcarving art¡±.

The exhibition will last till January 18, 2018 and is expected to be held in Russia, Turkey and many other countries.