• Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition Opened at National Museum of China
    Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition
  • WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting in Kuwait
    WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting
  • Culture-based Product Development and Design Workshop
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WCC Craft Cities

  • 2017-1-4
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1ú«Dongyang, China                  World Woodcarving City

2.  Yogyakarta ,Indonesia            World Batik City

3.  Donihue, Chile                      World Chamanto City

4.  Mamallapuram, India              World Stone Carving City

5.  Chimbarongo, Chile                World Craft City for Wicker Crafts

6.  Dehua ,China                         World Porcelain City

7.  Isfahan, Iran                           World Crafts City

8.  Jaipur, India                           World Craft City

9.  Tabriz ,Iran                             World Carpet Weaving City

10. Rari, Chile                              World Craft City for Horse Hair Work

11. Huií»an, China                          World Stone Carving City

12. Xianyou, China                         World Craft City for Chinese Classical Furniture

13. Donghai, China                        World Craft City for Crystal

14. Mashhad, Iran                          World Craft City for Gemstones

15. Lalejin, Iran                               World Craft City for Pottery

16. Fuxin, China                              World Craft City for Agate

17. Hebron, Palestine                       World Crafts City

18. Tripoli, Lebanon                         World Crafts City

19. Madaba, Jordan                         World Craft City for Stone Mosaics