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Conclusion of World Crafts Forum

  • 2015-1-4
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Dear Speakers / Presenters ,  Chairpersons  and  Participants,

We have now come to the  conclusion of the World Crafts Forum, a 3 1/2-Day   deliberation with 6 Sessions chaired by WCC experts from around the globe. When we started on the  morning of the 18th ,  we knew  we have so much to share within  so little a time , but I think we did well especially when  the   presentation  was supplemented  with visuals and thus capturing the essence and spirit  of the subject matter

WCC  Forums have  often provided an excellent oppurtunity  and platform  for members  to get together -  to share information  and data,  to exchange views  , to learn new things on the many and varied subjects focussing  on craft development  and  particularly on issues  affecting the craftspeople and craftsmanship.  In its 50 years , WCC have organised with the support of  member countries  and collaboration  with ngos- such as the craft councils and the like as well as  the business sector ,  not less than fourteen (14 international conferences / symposiums in the different regions. Starting with  North America in 1964 , the journey had  taken WCC   to  Kyoto,  Istanbul , Vienna, Oslo , Jakarta , Sydney, Kyoto again , Colombo, Islamabad, Fez , Metsovo, Huangzou and Chennai ,and , finally to where we are today  in Dongyang.

Indeed , WCC  Forums have become an important  contact point , a link,  thus creating an ever -expanding Network  among members and  in initiating new membership.We get to know  and meet Experts and  Masters in Craftsmanship ,leading  us towards a  better understanding , better appreciation  and the deepening of  awareness  regarding  the different  fields of  the arts  and craft practices.

The  Ideas and  Proposals that have been  put forward at the Dongyang WCF 2014  are   indeed a step forward calling  per haps for  more resources  and  the reviewing   of WCC's capacity in meeting the  challenges ahead.  In order to take on these tasks, what would need to be done. ? Would there be a  need  to  re- assess the present  strength  of the WCC,  ?  its  organisational structure  and infrastructure ?, to evaluate the  existing support system  it receives from the government  of member countries as well as the ngo's  and the likes ,? Would it be   to  reassess , if any , the current constraint of  the facilities and amenities  that are  made available ? or /and  to undertake activities  or projects with a view  to form  a partnership. ?

Highlighted among the project proposals , the Forum took note  of the WCC-APR's  on -going Flagship  Projects , namely , the Craft & Education Programme , the NDP- National Dye Programme  ( and  the  funding pledges made ) and the Encycloepedia on Crafts  of Asia -Pacific Region Project.In respect of the WCC Craft Cities Programme Initiative , it was felt that   due consideration  should be given to strengthen the evaluation and  the current appraisal system.

The study of endangered / near vanishing craft  should be given priority  as much importance is attached to R & D efforts involving academic institutions while the  " Code of Practice for Partnerships in Craft & Design " was deemed  as a realistic approach  to the sharing /imparting of knowledge and in  protecting  the interest of   the parties concerned. The issue of the Market -Place and marketing  , however, remained  as  the life-line for the craftsmaker /artisan hence the  need to  explore all oppurtunities  and channels available such as Santa Fe for the marketing  of well-designed  product and authentically  handmade.

Thus, for the  WCC , "THE FUTURE IS HANDMADE  ". The slogan that was started  by the WCC  in 1964  which  was  revived  as the theme of the Chennai 2012  World Craft Summit  reminding us of its  significance .And  today, in Dongyang , we  have come together to  reaffirm  it. HANDMADE is what's its all about , and for all these reasons -  because it is timeless, it is an integral part of our culture , our everyday life  and  upon it is  dependent the livelihood of the maker - craftsperson / artisan, in   meeting  the wishes of our patrons as well as to enable  the  environment  that we live in  to be a  better living space .

The participants would like to place on record their deep appreciation to the  Organisers and Forum Partners for the excellent organisation made and to thank for the excellent  presentation made by the Speakers which have made the  Dongyang WCF  not only a memorable experience  but  a truly enriching encounter  with  a refreshing  dialogue.

In conclusion, may I on behalf of the Organisers thank all the Speakers , Chairpersons and all of you  Participants for making this  gathering  a momentous event for the WCC as we celebrate the  WCC  Golden Jubilee.

On my part , may I also with all humility,  thank the WCC Presidency for the kind invitation to participate at the august gathering of the WCC Family and  to be a part of the 50 Golden Jubilee Celebration and to have the honour of chairing as the Overall Facilitator  at the World Crafts Forum Dongyang, China.

Thank you to All

submitted by

Raja Fuziah binti Raja Tun Uda
WCC Honorary Member /
Overall Facilitator World Crafts Forum

dd :10 November 2014, Kuala Lumpur