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Dongyang Declaration

  • 2015-1-13
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Dongyang Declaration

Adopted in Dongyang City, the People’s Republic of China on October 21, 2014

我们——出席 2014世界工艺文化节(东阳,2014年10月18-21日)的代表——感谢并赞赏中国政府与东阳市的盛情款待和睿智领导,为我们提供了这样一个对手工艺在国际可持续发展议程中应占地位进行思考的平台。我们尤为赞赏东阳市在保护文化遗产、以充满活力的文化促进可持续发展方面所做的工作和所取得的成就。
We, the delegates participating in the 2014 World Crafts Council Golden Jubilee Celebration Summit (held in Dongyang from October 18 to 21, 2014), are grateful for and appreciative of the generous hospitality and sagacious leadership of the Chinese government and Dongyang City in providing us with a platform to consider the position due to crafts on the international agenda of sustainable development. Particularly, we are appreciative of Dongyang City’s efforts and achievements in protecting cultural heritages and promoting sustainable development with vibrant culture.

在50年前,WCC世界手工艺理事会的创始人(美国)艾琳-韦伯(Aileen Osborn Vanderbilt Webb)女士在开幕辞中激动地说:创立这样一个世界手工艺组织的初衷与它的精神所在,当人们以艺术家的身份聚到一起的时候,无论他们来自何种民族,有何种信仰,他们都能够在友好的精神下共处,互相理解,这是走向世界和平之路。这是关于人类文明、国家艺术的事业,世界手工艺者都要为这个事业而努力。
50 years ago, Ms. Aileen Osborn Vanderbilt Webb, founder of the World Crafts Council, said excitingly in the inaugural ceremony of the WCC, "… when confronted with each other as artists, people could meet in a friendly spirit and with a deep understanding, no matter what their race or politics. This is the first road towards bringing peace to the world. It is the things of the spirit, the arts of the country, which has always led mankind forward and it is to this spirit that the craftsmen of the world must lend themselves."

Today, the World Crafts Council created by Ms. Aileen Webb is continuing to promote protection and development of the world’s craft industry, renewing the saga of her life story.

Right now, we are gathering here to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the World Crafts Council and shoulder the historical missions of reviving the craft industry in the world, uniting the craftsmen and industry insiders from all over the world to inherit, protect and develop the world’s precious craft cultural heritage, seeking benefits for all craftsmen in the world, promoting integration of the craft culture with modern civilization to have people living in the modern times understand the value and recognize the culture of crafts, promoting development of the WCC and the global craft industry, and making great contribution to the development of human civilization in craft skills. It is to these missions “that the craftsmen of the world must lend themselves”.

At this commemorative gathering, we, the craftsmen from across the globe, the industry managers and the delegates of the WCC’s member countries, are all together to discuss the core development issues in respect of the art and craft industry.

Through six art and craft forums held in this event, we have reached the following agreements: 
-we are to protect intellectual property rights of handicrafts by various means and the geographical indication system in particular; 
-we are to support and promote development of the craft industry via government; 
- we are to enhance inter-city cooperation via the WCC City of Craft and the UNESCO Creative Cities Network; 
-we are to proactively inspire innovative design of crafts; and
-we believe that craft education and market ought to play a more important role in development of the craft industry.

Human culture has experienced the great transformation from primitiveness to modernization and nowadays is right in the crucial stage of returning to cultural diversity from cultural homogeneity. How to break out of the sweeping force of globalization, how to have crafts take root in the national traditions and how to advocate, promote, protect and develop a rich array of craft cultural concepts have become an important matter of life or death for human culture. Given the importance of this matter, we call on all the world’s anthropologists, scholars in all subjects and people who are concerned about the traditional culture to join hands for protection of the craft culture!

Human beings have only one Earth, but they have rich and colorful cultures. Protecting and developing the diversified craft culture that helps to strike a balance between man and nature is just like protecting the Earth itself. Only in this way will the world be colorful and the human beings develop in a sustainable manner. 

The future is handmade and we create the future!