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    Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition
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    WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting
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CA&CA Visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • 2013-8-6
  • Source:China Arts and Crafts Association
On July 16th, Ms. Chen Jing, Deputy Secretary-general of China Arts and Crafts Association, visited Judith, Director of Asian Department, the MET in New York City. The two parties exchanged opinions on the compilation of Chinese Arts and Crafts Encyclopedia and future cooperation. 

Ms. Chen Jing introduced the basics about the Encyclopedia. The main purpose of the visit is to seek help towards the compilation of one of the fascicules of the Encyclopedia, Classic Works. The MET's holding a large collection of Chinese classical crafts is meaningful to our study in Chinese traditional arts and crafts.

Judith expressed her consent on this issue. She was supportive to this significant project and would try her best to provide any necessary help to us. She would pass the messeage to the Department and coordinate with other departments.

The two parties also discussed about the coming Contemporary Crafts Biennale and 2014 WCC Golden Jubilee Celebration Summit. Judith was happy to participate in the future activities and looked forward to more cooperation.