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WCC Research and Innovation Camp in China 2013 Self-directed Creation and Research Program

  • 2013-6-14
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World Crafts Council (WCC) is a global organization to promote exchange and fellowship among crafts persons and offer them help and advice. The objective of WCC is to conduct research on crafts and foster the growth of crafts trade by organizing income generating activities.

The WCC Research and Innovation Camp in China is a training base established by Suzhou Art & Design Technology institute (www.sgmart.com) with the approval from WCC. The Camp aims to provide opportunities for crafts persons from WCC membership countries to study Chinese crafts and culture. The Camp is a platform to stimulate dialogues among international crafts persons and to inspire artistic creativity and productivity, thereby promoting the growth of crafts trade over the world.

The Camp is located in Suzhou Art and Design Technology Institute, which is among the first batch of higher vocational colleges established in Jiangsu Province, and also the first specialized art and design college of higher vocational structure in China. The Institute consists of 6 departments offering 18 programs and 54 majors, namely Decorative Art, Environmental Art, Visual Communication, Fashion Engineering, Industrial Design and Digital Art Department. The overall program structure places special strength in traditional arts and crafts, with equal emphasis on the traditional as well as modern aspects of art and design.

The Institute is committed to protecting and preserving local traditional culture and folk crafts (such as Taohuawu Woodcut New Year Pictures). The Institute has an extensive overseas network working with international art colleges and cultural institutes. Two international art and education centers have been established, the Jiangsu Sino-France Design Education Research Center and the Sino-British Suzhou Centre of Innovation in Art and Design Education. Other platforms established in the Institute include: China Art and Craft Research Institute, Core Vocational Staff Training Base authorized by the Ministry of Education, Continuing Learning Base for Professional Artisans in Jiangsu, Jiangsu Traditional Crafts Practical Workshops, National Occupation Skill Qualification for Art and Design Technology in Jiangsu etc. Through these platforms, the Institute actively offers training programs and qualification exams for artists and artisans from local industries, companies and academic institutes.

Program in 2013

In 2013, The Camp offers the following program to crafts persons of WCC membership countries:

Program Title

Self-directed creation and research

Program Descriptions

This program is intended for applicants to plan their own activities staying in China and create artworks inspired by local landscape and culture, or conduct academic research on self-chosen subject.  By the end of the program, applicants are expected to submit 1-2 pieces of artwork or a research report.

Expense and Bursary

Applicants?return travel fare will be reimbursed by the Camp (not exceeding 1000USD. Amount in excess of 1000USD will be paid by the applicant). The Camp provides a bursary of 1500RMB per month for accommodation and food, and an additional 500RMB for art material. Overseas insurance will be paid by applicants.


Applicants may apply to stay on-campus at a rate of 800RMB per month depending on availability of room.  Otherwise, applicants may wish to make own arrangements with the help from the school’s international office.

For more details please visit: http://www.sgmart.com/dwjl/eng/residence.html


10 applicants for each batch


Applicant can choose to participate in either the Spring OR Autumn batch, but not both.

Spring Batch:  May 6th, 2013 ?July 6th, 2013 (2 months)

Autumn Batch: September 9th, 2013 ? November 9th, 2013 (2 months)

Deadline for Application

Spring Batch:  April 1st. 2013

Autumn Batch: August 5th, 2013

Application Materials

Applicants are required to submit the following documents via email:

1.          Completed Application Form

2.          Electronic Scan of Passport

3.          Resume

4.          Research Proposal (for applicants opting to do academic research)

5.        2 Reference Letters (One from WCC and the other from local WCC affiliated organization to which the artist belongs)


Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute

189 Zhineng Road, International Education Park South

Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China 215104

Tel: +0086-512-66875706

Email: yingyue.zhu@gmail.com

Website: www.sgmart.com