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    Lu Guangzheng Woodcarving Exhibition
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    WCC-APR 2nd Executive Board Meeting
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Bamboo Culture Industry and Its Contemporary Value

  • 2012-5-3
  • Source:China Arts and Crafts Association

Bamboo is originated in China. With the reputation í░Kingdom of Bambooí▒, China is one of the first countries that research, cultivate and use bamboos. Bamboo has a close relation with peopleí»s life and has played an important role in development of Chinese historical culture and spiritual culture.

Bamboo culture is one of the characteristics of Chinese national culture. To analyze, use and promote bamboo culture, to use bamboo resource effectively, to develop bamboo culture industry and to increase the added value of bamboo products are in favor of environmental protection, comprehensive development in mountain areas and economic development in rural areas. Bamboo is with benign ecological benefit, economic benefit and social benefit. Therefore, bamboo has welcomed by Chinese and even people all over the world. Bamboo culture has a long history in China and also has far-reaching influence. Still it is worth further exploitation.