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National Crafts Trade Fair


National Crafts and Housewares Trade Fair, first held in 1974, has been held for 44 years. It attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and buyers every year and has widespread impact in China‘s arts and crafts industry. In the year 2008, the fair attracted more than 400 exhibitors and arranged over 500 booths. The number of exhibits amounted to several thousand products with more than 5,000 different types. The sales and pledged trading volume totaled more than 100 million RMB. The fair has thus become a truly comprehensive exhibition for all different brands all over the country. The National Grafts and Houseware Fair will plant its feet in our own country while keeping the whole world in view.

This year, the fair, combined with the 5th National Jade Carving Exhibition, will be held at Yangzhou International Exhibition Centre. The National Jade Carving Exhibition, which is a significant activity in every spring, has been hold for 4 years. It intensively shows thousands of years of jade culture in china, and makes important contribution to exchange, protection, inheritance and development of jade carving. This year‘s fair contains exhibition area of 9,100 square meters and 550 standard exhibition booths. The Fair will continue to hold the Golden Phoenix Tourism Products and Crafts Design Competition and Baihua Yuyuan China Jade Carving Award. We hereby warmly welcome and invite handicrafts, gifts, and souvenir designers, developers, artists and manufacturers from worldwide to come to participate the 45th National Grafts and Houseware Trade Fair in Yangzhou.

Theme of Exhibits:
To show new crafts,new materials,new products and new image;
To provide a communicating platform for exhibitors and traders all over the country;
To promote the development of China‘s arts and crafts.

Scope of Exhibits:
Tourism Products:Souvenirs, Bags and suitcases, Umbrellas, Camping equipments, Leisure accessories, Sports products, Entertainment products, Hotel ceramics,
Craftwork: Jade ware, Lacquer ware, Wooden/Stone/Ivory Carvings, Artificial Floration, Drawn work and embroidery, Natural fiber woven products, Decorative paintings, Painting and picture frames, Rosewood furniture, Decorative lighting, Hand-crafted candles, Carpets and tapestries, Garments and costumes, Silk-screen printings, Pottery, Folk craftworks, Chinese painting sets, Stage costumes

Gifts: Metal handicrafts, Jewelry, Electronic and digital gifts, Holiday and ceremonial ornaments, Corporate gifts, Greeting cards, Crystal products, Sales gifts, Photo albums, Resin craftworks, Stationery, Awards, Firecrackers, Tin ware, Toys, Health products
House Ware: Household appliances, Hardware, Glass vessels, Outdoor Products, Household fabrics, Business services and publications
Theme Activities
Exhibition and Sales, Technical Competition, Thesis Seminar, Art Exchange, Live Performances, Comments on products

Contact:Mr. Heng Xueming and Mr. Liu Chang
Tel: (010)85698702,66013012
Address:Room 902, Jixiangli 103, Chaoyangmenwai, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Zip Code:100020

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