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Main Activities


National Liaison Office
CA&CA organizes professional trainings for craftsmen and awarding program of regions featured with particular craftwork as well as “Baihua”, “Golden Phoenix” and other awarding programs. CA&CA also assists government in drawing up the Regulations on Protection of Traditional Arts and Crafts and in China Arts and Crafts Masters evaluation program. CA&CA is in charge of compiling and editing Chinese Arts and Crafts Encyclopedia. CA&CA holds seminars and conferences for craftspeople, entrepreneurs, managers and officials in craft industry to help foster craft communities and facilitate exchanges among them. Association and committee's conferences are held regularly.

Exhibition Office
CA&CA holds comprehensive arts and crafts exhibitions and professional trade fairs every year. Entrusted by governmental departments, CA&CA undertakes masterwork exhibitions for external publicity.

Membership Office
CA&CA provides various services for its members. Discount is offered at exhibitions for booth rental. Space is provided on association's website for members to show their new products. Seminars and trainings are organized to help members improve the quality of their works and their productivity. Members are kept informed of opportunities of trade fairs and exhibitions in the region and the world.

Office of International Affairs
CA&CA represents China National Arts and Crafts (Group) Corporation, which is a national entity member of World Craft Council, to participate in WCC's various meetings and activities. CA&CA maintains relationship with national craft organization of 60 countries and 40 international organizations and collaborates with them in preserving cultural heritage, protection of traditional handicrafts and cultural exchanges. CA&CA is the national partner with UNESCO on the evaluation of Award of Excellence for Handicrafts and related international workshops. Entrusted by WCC and WCC-APR, CA&CA organizes Asia-Pacific Arts and Crafts Masters evaluation program. CA&CA strives for promoting China's traditional handicrafts in the world by organizing study tours abroad, arranging participation in international conferences, seminars, craft demonstrations and competitions. CA&CA also provides consultation and translation services for its members.

Publicity Office
China Arts and Crafts Magazine, published bimonthly, presents news and information on craft industry issues, trends, research, craftspeople and enterprise stories and their products. It opens a window for China's craft community to share knowledge and to present their works to the public. Newsletter, published semimonthly, collects articles from provincial and city associations to report major events of craft industry.

CNACA.ORG is an interactive portal website created by CA&CA providing information for its members and handicraft lovers. The website, available both in Chinese and English, offers information on CA&CA's projects, craft industry news and events, exhibitions and trade fairs, introduction of different traditional handicrafts in China and association's members.